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Welcome to the Wiki of the ACX100 Project

Stable release

The current stable release of the ACX "plain driver" is v0.3.38, which does not support WPA.


The latest versions can be found at the sourceforge download section

The tarballs for the stable releases have the canonical snapshot format, namely acx-YYYYMMDD, where YYYY is the year, MM the month and DD the day.


Follow the instructions at the ACX HowTo. You might also find specific instructions for your distribution on the distribution list.


If you need support use our Mailing Lists, the Forum or the IRC channel

If you find a bug or you have a feature request post it on our Bug Tracker


ACX Howto (ACX100, ACX111, ACX100USB, TNETW1450 USB)

Firmware Choosing Howto

Device list Devices supported by our driver

Distribution list Linux distributions that support/include the driver

History of the project

Links External Information


Project Page


If you want to follow or contribute to the development of the driver, you should either follow or subscribe to these mailing lists:

You are encouraged to CC both of them when sending e-mail.

The current development is exclusively focused towards getting the Mac80211 version in shape. The Plain_driver should be considered to be in maintenance mode (i.e. new releases will not add newer functionality, only bug fixes).

The latest development code can always be found at the sourceforge git repository:

You can either browse the code or get your own copy and start hacking!

Assuming that you have the git version control system installed and you are familiar with it, simply issue the following command to clone the repository:

 git clone git://acx100.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/acx100/acx-mac80211

Current status

  • Slow pace development
  • WPA(2) working in AP and STA mode with kernel 2.6.32-35 on acx100/111 devices
  • ADHOC mode working, however not yet confirmed working with WPA
  • Working on AR7-based routers (with either mini-PCI or VLYNQ interfaces)
  • Working on slave-memory devices like the hx4700

How can you help

  • Testing, testing, testing. And reporting.
  • Hacking. See the DevelopmentTasks page for a list of tasks need to be done.
  • Documenting. Add information to the wiki, update obsolete content, etc.

Although stable, the kernel's mac80211 stack is still evolving. Therefore do not forget to follow the latest mac80211 news and information at http://wireless.kernel.org/


  • Add legal information.


Edit: The module may generate in some cases many debug messages looking like: acx: unknown EID 45 in mgmt frame at offset 86...; causing sometimes a system freeze.

You may disable these debug messages when loading the module:

 modprobe acx debug=0

On a debian system, you may create a file /etc/modules.d/acx containing:

 options acx debug=0
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