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Acadevia Learn

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Acadevia Learn 0.5 Alpha

Welcome to the Acadevia Learn wiki. Learn is software targeted directly toward students, intended to help them stay organized and prepare for their tests and exams. Released under the GNU Public License (version 3), Learn is free software (both free as in beer, and free as in freedom) and available for immediate use.


Currently in alpha status, Learn features the ability to:

  • Create flashcards rendered in ASCII text or using LaTeX commands.
  • Review flashcards to study for upcoming exams
  • View statistics on how their knowledge is progressing
  • Keep track of grades received on assignments / exams

Features scheduled to be added to Learn before the first major release include:

  • Adding a scheduler to tell students exactly what to do each day in order to get all work done.
  • Allowing students to add details of readings that must be completed so that the scheduler can tell a student how many pages must be read each night in order to complete all readings related to an upcoming assignment/exam.
  • Adding a calendar (day view, week view, and month view) so that a student can see what is coming up in the future.

Getting Acadevia Learn

Learn can be downloaded from here. It is currently in alpha status and therefore should not be considered complete. Additionally, Learn has only been tested on the Linux platform (OpenSUSE 11.1 i386), and will likely not function correctly on Windows as of this time. However, it will be ported to the Windows platform in the summer of 2009, and a Windows port should be available for download by late August 2009.

Getting Help

Should you encounter any problems with Learn, please post a message in the project's forums. You should receive a response within 24-48 hours.

Reporting a Bug / Requesting a New Feature

Bug reports and feature requests should be entered in our bug tracker. We appreciate you taking the time to help better Learn.

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