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Idea #9: Enable svn commit-hooks for Trac Hosted App

Written by nhruby the 11 May 09 at 17:42. Category: Hosted Apps - Trac. Related project: Nothing/Others. Status: New
In a SVN commit message to a SourceForge.net subversion repo when you make a comment such as:
"fixes #89"
the ticket references by "fixes" (89 in this case) in the SourceForge Trac HostedApp instance should automatically be closed. Currently it doesn't (so far you have to go in trac and close it manually).

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Solution #1: Add commit hook provided by Trac as option for SVN
Written by nhruby the 11 May 09 at 17:42.
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Solution #2: Should propose trac-post-commit-hook as svn hook
Written by malat the 19 Aug 09 at 10:25.
It would be nice if trac-post-commit-hook was among the possible hook for the svn server. By default the setting would use the hosted Trac.

http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/TracInstall#AutomaticreferencetotheSVNchangesetsi nTractickets


Propose your solution


guinnessman wrote on the 8 Jun 09 at 09:05

Is there any news about this topic?


jacmoe2 wrote on the 19 Jul 09 at 11:08
I'd like to know about this too.
Would make Trac a lot more useful. :)


malat wrote on the 23 Jul 09 at 12:34
I'd love to see it !

bergen_helms wrote on the 12 Aug 09 at 12:46
Any news concerning this?
This is really useful, so vote for this!

fiammy wrote on the 30 Apr 10 at 12:10
This connection is one of the strongest points of Trac. Please add it.


david-sf wrote on the 16 Jun 10 at 12:29
Definitely is VERY useful and needs adding.

Pretty please?

aiche wrote on the 5 Oct 11 at 12:59
This idea was posted over 2 years ago and we still have no answer if this is going to be implemented or not. Are there any updates???

This would make trac (and with it sourceforge) so much more powerful.

Thanks ..

namdre wrote on the 29 Nov 11 at 09:41
I agree. This feature improves the usability of Trac without extra effort for the committer. Would like to see it added.

hgmartini wrote on the 13 Mar 12 at 22:24
Approaching 3 years... so here goes one more vote.
Please add this feature, it's very useful for Trac users.

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