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Idea #61: GeoIp should be added to Piwik in Sourceforge

Written by astroopensource the 10 Jun 09 at 05:44. Category: Hosted Apps - Piwik. Related project: Nothing/Others. Status: New
Piwik is very good. But on eimportant feature missing is GeoIp.
Town level statitics will give more information than country level.

Will it be possible to add GeoIp to Piwik, so that my project can get Town
level statistics.

Of if you can tell me procedure to do this, I can do this.


This is a very good enhancement request.

Daniel Hinojosa - Sr. Manager, SourceForge.net Support
Tags: (none)

up equal down
Solution #1: GeoIp also available in Sourceforge and easy to add
Written by astroopensource the 10 Jun 09 at 05:44.
Piwik already available in sourceforge.
Just add GeoIp functionality and then everybody can see Town level statitics like Google Ananlytics.

Country level statistics are not useful.

But Town level statistics will be more useful.

Propose your solution


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