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Idea #601: phpbb mods

Written by x3lectric the 18 Mar 10 at 13:19. Category: Hosted Apps - phpBB. Related project: Nothing/Others. Status: New
Its would be helpful to add at least a 5 official mod limit that any admin could import to SF phpbb forums.

Atm no mods are allowed and by default both forums usage and admin is harder.
Tags: mods phpbb

up equal down
Solution #1: Allow 5 mods to be imported/uploaded
Written by x3lectric the 18 Mar 10 at 13:19.
A forum admin would be able to upload own choice of official mods of up to a total of 5.

It would be good to test which work best. So if any forum would have 5 mods and no more allowed then if a admin unloaded or removed a mod it would allow for a extra slot to be open.

We would need to know phpbb version so we would get correct mods

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