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Idea #557: Allow to "sort by" last commit/push/etc in the software search

Written by qubodup the 27 Feb 10 at 00:04. Category: Search. Related project: Nothing/Others. Status: New
The software search/browse functionality works well, but I think that a “browse by last repository-commit/push” sorting functionality would enhance it.

Many projects are not following the Release-Early-Release-Often philosophy and progress (which happens in the revision control system) does not get noticed in the project browser.

up equal down
Solution #1: Add a "sort by" "repository activity" option to the search
Written by qubodup the 27 Feb 10 at 00:04.
I imagine that it would sort the results by the date of the latest commit/push to *either* of their repositories. It could be picked just like one of the other "Sort by" options ("latest release date", "Rating", etc.)

Many projects have one or more repositories that are empty, just saying, in case it will cause problems.

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