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Idea #177: Trove list in Summary

bug This idea was marked as implemented on 23 February 10.
Written by deluger the 3 Aug 09 at 05:06. Category: User Interface. Related project: Nothing/Others. Status: Implemented
It's nice for a downloader to know what stage of development a project is in and what operating systems it supports, as well as all the other trove categories that the project admin selects. There used to be an easy way to find out this information, but it no longer seems to exist.
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Developer comments
This information is now available in the "Show Project Details" link on the project summary page.

Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support

Selected solution (#1): Add Trove Link
Written by deluger the 3 Aug 09 at 05:06.
So, when a user clicks on the link to the project name, i.e. the summary page, I propose that in addition to Summary | Files | Support | Develop, there should be a fifth link right after that: "Trove." This strange word will intrigue many new users, so they're bound to click on it, and lo and behold, a window will "pop up" or something less sinister-sounding that will have all the trove categories that the project admin selected for his project -- language, dev stage, UI, OSes, etc. (I hope I'm using the word "trove" properly. :-) )

Selected solution (#2): Show trove information on the summary page
Written by nanotube the 6 Aug 09 at 15:34.
I think this information is important enough that it deserves a little box of its own on the summary page. It's important for a prospective downloader to know whether his OS of choice is even supported, and things like that.


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