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Idea #541: Be able to resize the various elements of the status bar

Written by tdreste the 28 Nov 12 at 16:46. Category: User interface. Related project: Nothing/Others. Status: New
Text overflow in small boxes makes them near useless. For example, reading a log file, the length squeezes the lines to the right and precludes the ability to see how may lines there are.
Tags: (none)

up equal down
Solution #1: Make boxes resizable
Written by tdreste the 28 Nov 12 at 16:46.
Either separate these 2 elements, or, preferably, allows us to drag them to any size, like most windows elements can.

Propose your solution


im2crazy4u wrote on the 31 Dec 12 at 01:57
Sorry, not clear on what is being requested.

- Bob

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