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Idea #497: Fold line comments

Written by cryofdevil the 28 Jun 12 at 15:34. Category: Syntax highlighting & folding. Related project: Nothing/Others. Status: New
Some code have many line comments.
// comment 1...
// ...
// comment 8...

And sometimes it would be nice to fold/collapse it.
Tags: comment line

Developer comments
Since multi line comments are language specific, Notepad++ won't implement this across the board.
However, for some built-in languages, Scintilla provides ways to perform multiline comment folding. Please see http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/notepad-plus/index.php?title=Built-in_Languages#Language_properties_2
for language specific ways to enable it.

up equal down
Solution #1: Programer make it so...
Written by cryofdevil the 28 Jun 12 at 15:34.
Can you make official fold of multiple line comments?

There's the unofficial version:
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9046134/teach-notepad-to-fold-new-multiline- comment-r

Propose your solution


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