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Idea #326: Make word completion more effectiv

bug This idea was marked as implemented on 21 February 14.
Written by krashdummy the 11 Dec 10 at 18:34. Category: Auto-completion. Related project: Nothing/Others. Status: Implemented
I found that the word completion is a nice feature. However, If i under Backup/Auto settings sets "From 3 th character" then npp will store all words that length is 3 or more characters. But setting as low as 3 chars means that also short word like "the" is being suggested.
Today (version 585), Small words like "the" is just annoying that np suggests, but also setting the word length filter to say 8 chars, then you also must do 8 keyclick before Npp suggest a word that is 9 chars long. That won't be much effective, no.

When you have wroted "the...", you're probably not interested that Npp shall propose a word that is already finnished.

Selected solution (#1): Set minimum word length that Npp shall propose
Written by krashdummy the 11 Dec 10 at 18:34.
My suggestion is to have an additional input field under "Backup/Auto settings" where it's possible to set the minimum word length that Npp shall remember. If that is set to 5, and "From 3 th character" is set, then the word "the" won't be suggested, but the word "theasaurus" would be suggested.


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