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Idea #236: Would love to open it up and have folded state as I left it.

bug This idea was marked as implemented on 20 July 13.
Written by rayjamesfun the 29 Jun 10 at 22:34. Category: Saving files / settings. Related project: Nothing/Others. Status: Implemented
I use the folding feature heavily. It lets me operate extremely more efficiently when navigating through my code. I especially use it to fold all my functions so I can literally see almost all functions on the page even when there is 2000 lines of code. Helps me get where I am going fast!! Helps me dive into the code and stay organized with my thoughts too. It removes the clutter of the code that I am not working on and gives me more focus on what I am working on. You know, all that jazz. :)

I would love to be able to close notepad with all of my docs that are opened AND folded and have it open back up exactly as I left it the next day. All this is done except for the folding part. It takes me a couple of minutes to fold everything back up so I can get my thoughts organized and get back to coding. That isn't so much the problem. It would just be nice to open it up and be able to bounce right back into exactly the same state of mind I was in when I last exited. I absolutely love this program. Thanks so much from the deepest parts of my heart.

Ray James.

Developer comments
Implemented 6.3.1

Selected solution (#1): Have the program save the folded state of every document upon exit.
Written by rayjamesfun the 29 Jun 10 at 22:34.
Have the program save the folded state of every document upon exit and restore the folded state upon running of the program(notepad++).



im2crazy4u wrote on the 5 Jul 10 at 00:06
Perhaps a plug-in could do this. I like the default behaviour of everything being reset at each load.

joendsu wrote on the 29 Jul 10 at 16:38
As a not-so perfect interim work around, you could add "Fold All" to your contextMenu.xml (App data location). Then on file open you could rt-click-->"Fold all" and then only expand the section you want to work on.

Addition to ContextMenu.xml

uszak wrote on the 10 Apr 11 at 22:27
This could always be a feature to turn on or off depending on the user but I also think that this would be very useful!

wbaxter37 wrote on the 19 Aug 11 at 14:52
I'd like this, too, though I can't say it's utterly necessary. I'd use it mostly after inadvertently closing Notepad++ in the middle of the day, so for me this feature would be classified as a stupidity rescue.

Certainly it should be an optional behavior.

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