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Contributor johnnyfs

More than one style for operators  
Written by johnnyfs the 5 Sep 13 at 13:12. Global category: User-defined languages. New
I made my first user-defined language to meet my requirements, but there's only one style for operators which makes it different from what is supposed to.

Example of what i need:
The following operators should have the color 1:
( ) []
while these should have the color 2:
' ! & , . : | + < > = ;

I can acomplish this by using the operators on 'words' box but if there's a concatenation to the operator it does not assume it as an operator anymore.

It should also be possible to go to Preferences>New Document and put the default language an UDL one.

Another issue i have faced is that it is not possible to define more than one file extension to an UDL.
up equal down
Solution #1: Adding the these missing features to npp
Written by johnnyfs the 5 Sep 13 at 13:12.
So the idea resumes into:
- More than one style for operators
- Make the default language for a new file an UDL
- More than one file extension for a given UDL

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Search for a string and replace entire line  
Written by hector7007 the 22 Aug 13 at 12:28. Global category: Find / Replace dialog. Already implemented
Search a large number of config.txt files looking for all the lines that start with a specific string:
This may return values such as:

I would like to replace all of these lines with:
Solution #1: Replace entire line when string found
Written by hector7007 the 22 Aug 13 at 12:28.
Search for a sting in all lines in a file
When the string is found (normally at the beginning, but it could be anywhere in the line)
Replace the entire line
Solution #2: Us plain regular expressions
Written by cchris the 25 Aug 13 at 12:14.
set mode to Regular expressions
make sure ". matches newline" is not checked
Replace with
\1 George
Replace All
Solution #3: Use the options availiable on npp search menu.
Written by johnnyfs the 5 Sep 13 at 13:19.
Do the following:

Search > Find
Choose the tab called 'Mark'
Type on the searchbox the string you want to find and check the 'bookmark line' checkbox.

All the lines with the selected string are now marked.

Copy the string you want to replace, in this case UserID=George.

Now go to Search > Bookmark > Paste to (Replace) bookmarked lines.

I hope this helps.

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