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Idea #2: Make the mode tabs less confusing

bug This idea is awaiting moderator approval before going to the popular ideas area.
Written by bleseul the 16 May 09 at 15:56. Related project: Nothing/Others. Status: Awaiting moderation
There are two sets of mode tabs in KompoZer. It's not clear why they are separate and what combinations are actually possible.
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Solution #1: Remove one of the two set of tabs
Written by bleseul the 16 May 09 at 15:56.
This can be done either by merging the two sets or moving some of their functions to a toolbar button.

I have to play a little more with the beta to come up with a more concrete proposition :)
Solution #2: Use a drop-down list instead of the first tab group
Written by fabiwan the 16 May 09 at 16:42.
I understand these two tab groups can be confusing, but they don’t serve the same purpose:
 * the first tab group allows to choose the display mode of the wysiwyg window;
 * the second tab group allows to choose how we edit the HTML source.

In “Design” and “Split” modes we have to be able to choose between “Normal”, “HTML Tags” and “Preview” display modes for the wysiwyg window. The only edition mode where the display modes can’t be selected is the “Source” one, that’s why the first tab group is hidden when the “Source” mode is selected — all other combinations are possible.

Merging these two tab groups would require many more tabs and would be *more* confusing, in my humble opinion. Besides, there will only be 3 edition modes (design, split, source) but we could think of more display modes — heck, we could even propose custom display modes, like Firefox’s userChrome.css.

So maybe a drop-down list could be a better way to present the several display modes. It might take a little more vertical space, though.

Propose your solution


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