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[r2438] by majornista

Removed corrupt files: samples/SMPTETTPlugin/src/org/osmf/smpte/tt/model/, samples/SMPTETTPlugin/src/org/osmf/smpte/tt/model/

2011-11-17 02:15:12 Tree
[r2437] by majornista

[Ignore] Restoring following two entries that were corrupt in the repository.

2011-11-17 01:54:50 Tree
[r2436] by majornista

[Ignore] Removing following corrupt files from repository.


2011-11-17 01:51:03 Tree
[r2435] by majornista

[Ignore] Restored the following files which were corrupt following rev 2433: samples/SMPTETTPlugin/src/org/osmf/smpte/tt/model/ which samples/SMPTETTPlugin/src/org/osmf/smpte/tt/model/

2011-11-17 00:48:34 Tree
[r2434] by majornista

[Ignore] Removed the following to correct svn commit error: samples/SMPTETTPlugin/src/org/osmf/smpte/tt/model/, samples/SMPTETTPlugin/src/org/osmf/smpte/tt/model/, samples/SMPTETTPlugin/src/org/osmf/smpte/tt/model/

2011-11-17 00:44:23 Tree
[r2433] by majornista

Improved parsing performance with relatively large SMTPTE-TT files.

Moves xml parsing from static methods in TimedTextElementBase to XMLToTTElementParser and refactors the methods so that parsing of attributes and descendants can be performed asynchronously.

Removed unnecessary getters and setters within TimedTextElementBase, TimedTextAttributeBase, and their subclasses.

2011-11-17 00:12:47 Tree
[r2432] by majornista

Fixed a bug that caused the value xml:space attribute to be ignored in descendants of a node.

2011-11-16 14:17:22 Tree
[r2431] by majornista

[Ignore] Restored samples/SMPTETTPlugin/src/org/osmf/smpte/tt/model/parameter/ which appeared to have been corrupt.
[Ignore] Restored samples/SMPTETTPlugin/src/org/osmf/smpte/tt/model/ which appeared to have been corrupt.

2011-11-12 00:08:06 Tree
[r2430] by majornista

[Ignore] Removed samples/SMPTETTPlugin/src/org/osmf/smpte/tt/model/parameter/ which appears to be corrupt.

2011-11-12 00:00:55 Tree
[r2429] by majornista

[Ignore] Removed samples/SMPTETTPlugin/src/org/osmf/smpte/tt/model/ which appears to be corrupt.

2011-11-12 00:00:15 Tree
[r2428] by majornista

[Ignore] Restoring entries that were corrupt in the repository.

2011-11-11 23:42:57 Tree
[r2427] by majornista

[Ignore] Removing corrupt file from repository.

2011-11-11 23:40:04 Tree
[r2426] by majornista

[Ignore] Removing corrupt file from repository.

2011-11-11 23:39:27 Tree
[r2425] by majornista

Performance optimization of validElements() method in TimeTextElementBase subclasses and separating parse and validation method calls in SMPTETTParser.

2011-11-11 22:50:43 Tree
[r2424] by majornista

[Ignore] Restoring repaired file to repository.

2011-11-11 19:36:58 Tree
[r2423] by majornista

[Ignore] Removing corrupt file from repository.

2011-11-11 19:27:55 Tree
[r2422] by gblanari

[Ignore] Changing the Live Stream in the integration tests

2011-11-10 09:30:33 Tree
[r2421] by majornista

Parsing optimizations by removing DictionaryUtils method calls.

2011-11-09 19:22:49 Tree
[r2420] by webdevandrei

[Severity] normal
[Description] Fixed subclip issues: 1) Seeking in a subclip doesn't work (FM-1439) 2) Subclip playback doesn't stop at the end time (FM-1440)

2011-11-08 15:26:01 Tree
[r2419] by sergiuion

- added unit tests for LayoutTargetSprite class

2011-11-08 09:29:25 Tree
[r2418] by sergiuion

[ignore] - added missing leftparen.

2011-11-07 16:01:08 Tree
[r2417] by sergiuion

- integrated review for r2416 - added a space after "if" and "for"

2011-11-07 15:54:30 Tree
[r2416] by sergiuion

- fixed issue FM-1442. The stageVideo was not properly aligned when used in a serialElement or a parallelElement.

2011-11-07 15:32:32 Tree
[r2415] by majornista

Improved CaptionElement creation performance by allowing captions to be attached to TimelineMetadata asynchronously. Media will pause, parse, resume, and then asynchronously create and add CaptionElements. Captions should display as soon as they are available in the TimelineMetadata at a given playhead time.

2011-11-04 19:35:17 Tree
[r2414] by cdobre

[Severity] ignore
[Description]Update OSMF .flexLibProperties to include the correct Base64Decoder class.

2011-11-01 08:57:50 Tree
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