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Flex SDK Open Source Governance Model

The Flex SDK Open Source project empowers both open source and commercial developers to extend and enhance the Flex SDK tools and framework and to contribute to the evolution of the Flex ecosystem.

If you have questions about the governance model outlined below please feel free to ask on the General Discussion list.

The Adobe Flex Team governs the project in the following ways:


  • Project pages
  • Source code repository
  • Bug database
  • Forums and mailing lists
  • Distribution points for releases
  • Monitoring of the Flex SDK Open Source community to allow for a safe and positive community


  • Via forums and mailing lists

Promotes guiding principles

  • Respect - be respectful of the community, licenses, copyrights, IP, collaboration and interaction
  • Quality - follow coding standards and test your code before submitting a patch or committing
  • Openness - collaborate and interact without being rude or offensive

Encourages participation

  • Open bug submittal/review with voting
  • Patch submission
  • Committers
  • Open review of specifications, roadmap and schedule.

Defines and manages community roles

  • Contributor - Plays an active role in the Flex community by participating in forums, discovering and submitting bugs, providing software patches through the bug database.
  • Partial-Committer - Same role as "Contributor" plus has limited write access to the Subversion repository. Partial-committers generally contribute to documentation and other non-critical code submissions.
  • Committer - Same role as "Contributor" plus has full write access to the Subversion repository.

More information

Deals with grievances

  • Sometimes the community or an individual may have differing opinions regarding the fix or deferral of a bug or feature. Being an open source community promotes this opportunity for discussion; however, as defined in the guiding principles, we ask that the differing opinion or grievance be presented in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Sometimes, based on where the product is in the development cycle, roadmap or due to best practices, a highly voted item may be vetoed or overruled. In these particular cases, Adobe's Flex Product Management will be consulted and will arbitrate the grievance.


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