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BlazeDS Frequently Asked Questions

General Information FAQ

For general information about BlazeDS, refer to the BlazeDS External FAQ document.

Technical FAQ

Q: How do I set up an Eclipse workspace with the BlazeDS Java source?

A: Instructions are found in the source tree here: https://sourceforge.net/adobe/blazeds/wiki/FAQ/attachment/readme.txt

The short version: Import existing eclipse projects to a workspace by navigating to the following menu sequence:

File > Import… > General > Existing Projects into Workspace

*Select the root directory as your sync of the blazeds/trunk/development/eclipse/projects directory and then select the projects you want to add to your workspace.

You should read the readme.txt file for details on other environment setup that is required.

Q: How do I set up an IntelliJ IDEA project for the BlazeDS Java source?

A: The IDEA modules and project file can be found in the source tree at blazeDS/development/IDEA/projects/java. Opening the BlazeDS.ipr project file is the best way to get started. You will need to define a 1.5 JDK named "1.5" to be used as the project JDK. Also, recent vintages of IDEA can import Eclipse projects files, so you can also use that functionality.