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Adobe Admin Dr. Ken Lunde

Adobe Blank OpenType Font

Project Admins:


Adobe Blank is a special-purpose OpenType font that maps all Unicode code points to non-spacing and non-marking glyphs, hence the name of this OpenType font. Its use is covered under the terms of the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. More technical details are available on the About page.

In addition to a functional OpenType/CFF font, a Base64-encoded version that can be embedded into a CSS file, and a CSS file that embeds the Base64-encoded version, this open source project provides all of the source files that were used to build this OpenType font by using the AFDKO makeotf tool.

A TrueType (TTF) version of the font is now included (based on the OpenType/CFF version), along with EOT (converted from the TTF using the ttf2eot command-line tool) and WOFF (converted from the OTF and TTF using the sfnt2woff command-line tool) versions.

Also included in this project is Adobe Blank AJ16 which is an Adobe-Japan1-6 ROS CID-keyed font that is meant to be used as a template for font developers, and not meant to be installed and used in the same way as Adobe Blank proper.

Visit the Developer Documentation page for more information about developing OpenType fonts.


Visit the Downloads page to view the available downloads. The sources for Adobe Blank are also available on GitHub.

Getting Involved

There are many ways to contribute to Adobe Blank OpenType Font:

  • Send suggestions for changes to the Adobe Blank OpenType Font maintainer, lunde@adobe.com, for consideration.
  • Contribute to the Developer Documentation.